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From the team behind the open-source Pelias geocoder

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Expertly hosted Pelias geocoding.

We know it inside and out. After all, we built it.

Let us deal with the servers, data updates, and infrastructure. You get a drop in replacement for any Pelias-based geocoder.

Worldwide coverage.

Support for over 40 languages.

Geocode across the planet with great coverage worldwide.

Minimal usage restrictions.

Enjoy the simplicity of open data.

Store results indefinitely, display them on any map. Provide attribution where necessary and the sky is the limit.


Every plan comes with all of this functionality. The only difference is the rate limits.

  • Search, autocomplete, and reverse geocoding
  • Display results on any map or store results forever
  • Query for or view results in over 40 languages
  • Filter results by bounding box, distance from a point, country, and more
  • Up-to-date data from four well known open data sets


All plans come with a two week free trial


$200 / mo

  • Per-second rate limits
  • 5 search
  • 10 autocomplete
  • 10 reverse
  • 200,000 requests/month
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$500 / mo

  • Per-second rate limits
  • 10 search
  • 20 autocomplete
  • 20 reverse
  • 2,000,000 requests/month
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  • Set your own rate limits
  • 25+ search
  • 50+ autocomplete
  • 50+ reverse
  • 10+ million requests/month
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Questions? Comments? Email hello@geocode.earth