Geocode Earth provide fast, flexible, and easy ways to add geographic search features to your organizations website or mobile app.

Our service is powered by open data, this means you are free to permanently store search results and use the service to enrich your own database.

Quick Start #

With just a couple lines of code, you can quickly integrate our customizable location autocomplete element on your website:

Autocomplete Element

Our APIs #


Provide an interactive experience for your users which works with partially complete text input.


Convert full-text inputs including addresses, postal codes, cities, and points of interests into coordinates.


Convert coordinates into a named address, point of interest, city, or country.

Guides #

Geocoding Quickstart

Get started quickly, with brief introductions to the core functionality of the service.

Integrating Leaflet

Add an as-you-type autocomplete search box to your Leaflet powered map.

Advanced Configuration

Customize your integration with location biasing and result filtering options.