Join the Team

We're a small, growing business dedicated to a mission of supporting open source, doing quality work, and sustainability.

Our history

The Geocode Earth story starts at Mapzen, where we created and grew the Pelias geocoder as well as the community around it.

After Mapzen's shutdown, we knew there was a lot left to do, and that we had everything we needed to keep doing it. So in January 2018 we started Geocode Earth to continue building better geocoding tools in the open.

We believe open-source is simply the best way to develop software, and its particularly important in the geospatial world, where we need the experience of people everywhere on Earth to build the right thing.

Quality over quantity

We believe strongly in doing quality work, not quantity work. No matter how good our financials could look, Geocode Earth is not a success unless our people (and customers!) are happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

We don't want a rocket ship growth trajectory, a monopoly-or-bust VC-backed mandate, or a team of rockstars and ninjas. We are regular people working effectively. We have lives outside of our job.

Building for permanence

We want to build teams and products that last. That means sustainability: financial, cultural, and technological.

Open-source software is free, but developing it is not. Neither is building a stable, working solution to a real-life problem out of open-source software.

Our mission is to successfully turn this into a virtuous cycle: using our expertise in solving real problems for people and business across the globe into sustainable investment in open-source, for everyone.

Open positions

In addition to this "general" job opening, we also post specific roles we're looking to fill. Here they are:

None at this time

What we do (and you'll do)

We'd like to avoid listing a bunch of 'requirements'. Odds are, the best people to join our team have skills we couldn't anticipate.

So here's some things we spend our time working on. You might be a good fit if at least several items on the list will simultaneously let you leverage your skills and challenge you to grow.

  • Work directly with customers of our consultancy to help them solve and understand their geospatial search problems
  • Improve our website, marketing, and outreach to grow our SaaS business
  • Help us maintain and grow an extremely reliable infrastructure based on Kubernetes, AWS, and Terraform
  • Maintain outreach with our customers and open-source community to ensure they are all as happy and informed as possible
  • Develop new features and improvements to the open-source Pelias geocoder, built using Node.js and Elasticsearch
  • Collaborate closely with a globally distributed team in a remote-first environment

If you read everything above and found yourself nodding along.
Please send your resume and a brief note to