Our open principles guide everything we do

We're motivated by the intellectual challenges of our work & the opportunities to help others discover the world we live in.

Our work is open-source & free for others to use

Our people are empowered by a code of conduct

Our team enjoy a good work + life balance

We volunteer our time to help others learn

We need your voice to help guide us

Intellectually challenging work

We work with huge geographic datasets, solving some of the hardest problems in geo.

Power to make change

Every member of our team is encouraged to voice new ideas and highlight areas for improvement.

Work + life balance

Whether it's family, friends or hobbies, we encourage our team to strike a healthy balance between work and play.


Julian Simioni

Chief executive officer

Early contributor to the Pelias project. Julian's experience running software infrastructure at scale informs his technical choices, while his background in cycling and aviation fuels his appreciation for maps.


Peter Johnson

Chief technology officer

Founder of the Pelias project and contributor since 2014.

Peter comes from a software development background working in New Zealand & UK.


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Future leader

We're excited to hear from proven leaders.

We're looking for people who can help guide us as we grow, evolve and take on new challenges in the future.