Introducing the new Geocode Earth documentation

29 January 2021

We’ve just launched brand new documentation for Geocode Earth. Take a Look Good documentation is hard to find To us, documentation is as core to a service as the servers, code, and APIs that make it run. We’ve worked hard to make sure our documentation can get you going right...

Building a Virtuous Cycle

24 February 2020

As a teen, I was obsessed with the idea of a building a perpetual motion machine. This marvellous idea posited that a perfectly designed wheel would run indefinitely without an external power source - it could even generate infinite amounts of clean energy to solve the worlds’ energy crisis! Needless...

A trip down Memory Lane

31 January 2020

This month we’ve upgraded to Elasticsearch 7.5.1 🎉 At Geocode Earth, we’re routinely re-creating our entire infrastructure behind the scenes, with no visible user impact, ensuring you’re always getting the most up-to-date features and data available. Our Geocoding API customers are already benefiting from increased performance and reduced latency. To...

Advanced Spatial Awareness

09 January 2020

Today we’re pleased to give a preview of the upcoming release of our new Spatial Service, a brand new component of Pelias which provides advanced geospatial features not available in Elasticsearch. Many developers are familiar with PostGIS, a geospatial extension for PostgreSQL, but not many are aware that there is...

Improved autocomplete parsing is here

18 November 2019

At Geocode Earth, one of our primary goals is to build a high quality, accurate, and fast autocomplete geocoder for the entire world. A few weeks ago, we released a major new step in that journey: a completely new autocomplete parser that vastly improves accuracy.

Announcing Priority Support

10 September 2019

We now offer priority support including an SLA and a guaranteed response time for support requests!

An (almost) one line coarse geocoder with Docker

20 August 2019

One of the advantage of the Pelias geocoder’s modular design is that we can use each component by itself accomplish specific tasks quickly. Today we’ll take a look at setting up a coarse geocoder in just a few lines with the Pelias Placeholder service and Docker.

Announcing Geocode Earth status

07 August 2019

Today we’re announcing to help our users stay up to date about the status of our service.