Geocode Earth provide fast, flexible, and easy ways to add geographic search features to your organizations website or mobile app.

Our service is powered by open data, this means you are free to permanently store search results and use the service to enrich your own database.

The documentation provides some quick-start guides to get up and running quickly on your website, along with in-depth API documentation for customized integrations for your business.

Our APIs #

  • Use our forward geocoding API to convert text inputs including addresses, postal codes, cities, and points of interests into coordinates.
  • The autocomplete API allows you to add an interactive search box which can be queried directly by your users.
  • Reverse geocoding allows converting in the opposite direction: from coordinates into a named address, point of interest, city, or country.

Quick Start Guides #

Convert full addresses into coordinates

Learn how to convert text that represents an address or place name into geographic coordinates.

Build an interactive search box with autocomplete

Add an as-you-type autocomplete search box to your Leaflet powered map.

Find the address, city, or country at a given coordinate

Use our reverse geocoding API to find all the places near a given lat/lon.