Cloud Geocoding Services

Spend less time managing servers and more time on the things that really matter.

Reduce development costs and time-to-market with our hosted geocoding solutions, designed to scale as your business grows.

Save time and money with our hosted services:

Fully Managed

Global Coverage

Monthly Billing

Fault Tolerant

Regular Updates

Helpdesk Support

Solving a wide range of use-cases

Autocomplete & Fulltext Search Provide a freeform location input box on your website.

Navigation Find start and end locations for deliveries & transit routes.

Bulk Geocoding Enrich your existing data with open global location data.

Content Localization Offer relevant content based on the location of your visitors.

All the benefits of Open Source & Open Data

Avoid vendor lock-in Our terms of service don't forbid mixing and matching our products with services from other vendors.

No retention policy You may store geocoded results for as long as you like without infringing license conditions or paying royalties.

Regular data updates Community edits to data providers such as OpenStreetMap will be automatically updated with each rebuild.


All plans come with a no obligation two week free trial.

200,000 requests per month
Up to 10 requests per second
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Over 10 million requests per month

We open-source.
Discounts available for FOSS projects.

Priority Support

Premium Email Support

1 Business Day

Service Level Agreement

99.9% uptime

Available on all custom plans

Starts at $500/mo

Full priority support details are available in our terms of service.