A modular, open-source search engine for our world

Pelias is powered completely by open data, available freely to everyone, and most importantly, open for collaboration.

Free to download, modify & redistribute

Free for commercial and non-commercial use

Free of license restrictions and royalties

Free to use your own data and hardware

An extensive list of features

Search as-you-type with our autocomplete API.

Request place names in over 40 languages (where available).

Address Interpolation
Fill in the holes in address data with our interpolation engine.

Global Coverage
Search for places all over the world.

Bundled with the best open geographic data available

OpenStreetMap is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world.

An open and free global collection of address data sources, providing half a billion address data points worldwide.

A gazetteer of regional boundaries, each with a stable identifier and descriptive properties describing that geography.

Get started

Open Source
All the source code is available to view on GitHub.

First-class Docker Support
Get started immediately with docker and docker-compose.

Powerful command-line application
Use the Pelias CLI to download data & execute tasks.

Read the extensive online documentation.

Community Support
Open an issue on GitHub or ask a question on Gitter.