Batch Geocoding

Enrich your data, reduce errors, add missing location information.

Global location data

Enrich your data with detailed location metadata. We provide coordinates with rooftop accuracy, information about the neighbourhood, city or state and more.

Multiple formats

Whether it's a spreadsheet, database or bulk job, we can work with either structured or unstructured addresses to add missing location information.

Personalized service

We manage the job from start to finish. Each job is different, we start with a small sample and suggest how to achieve the best results.

Customer insights

Find the precise location of your customers’ homes or offices. Accurate location data provides deeper insights about your customers.

Geocoding is our business

We are the premium provider of open-source geocoding software, services and support.

  • Enhance your company's data with accurate location data.
  • Store and share results indefinitely at no additional cost.
  • Customize results to your business requirements.
  • Discounted pricing for batches over 5 million records.
  • Quick, confidential and secure turnover of results.
  • Each job individually managed by our engineering team.