Property Listings

Add rich location data to real estate and apartment listings.

Global location data

Enrich your data with detailed location metadata. We provide coordinates with rooftop accuracy, information about the neighbourhood, city or state and more.

Content localization

Customize the property search experience based the location of your user. Get detailed information about their neighbourhood, city and country.

Stable Identifiers

Store our stable location identifiers in your database. Every place, from addresses & neighbourhoods through to countries have a unique ID assigned.

Customer insights

Find the precise location of your customers’ homes or offices. Accurate location data provides deeper insights about your customers.

Geocoding is our business

We are the premium provider of open-source geocoding software, services and support.

  • Enhance your company's data with accurate location data.
  • Simplified monthly billing with no nasty PAYG surprises.
  • Store and share results indefinitely at no additional cost.
  • Customize results to your markets & operating regions.
  • Accurate location data in multiple languages.
  • Regular map updates from a range of data providers.