All requests to Geocode Earth must be authenticated with your API key.

Geocode Earth API keys all follow a similar format: the prefix ge- followed by 16 hexidecimal characters. For example, ge-1234567890abcdef.

API keys are specified in all requests with the api_key parameter.

Example #

A basic query to our search endpoint might look like this:

curl "<YOUR API KEY>&text=london"

Creating multiple API keys #

You can create up to 10 API keys in the API Keys section of the Geocode Earth dashboard.

API keys can be enabled or disabled instantly independently.

All API keys share common per-second and per-month rate limits.

Securing your API keys #

While rare, API keys used directly on websites or in mobile apps, as recommended by our autocomplete best practices, can be abused by third-parties to make requests that count towards your plan limits.

Geocode Earth has several tools available to help you secure your API keys, but we do not disclose them publicly to keep them as effective as possible.

Please reach out to and we’ll discuss the tools we have to help.