Language Support

Geocode Earth supports querying for and returning results in many different languages.

In many cases Geocode Earth can automatically select the correct language to use, but you can also prefer a specific language by query parameter.

The Accept-Language HTTP Header

Geocode Earth will look at the standard Accept-Language header set by all browsers to choose the language most relevant for a given request.

This language will be used as a preferred language for querying, and results will be displayed in that language (if available).

The lang query parameter

All Geocode Earth endpoints support the lang query parameter to select a specific language to prefer.

As with the Accept-Language header, the language specified by the lang parameter will be preferred for querying, and results will be displayed in that language if available.

The lang parameter takes precedence over the Accept-Language header if both are present, and supports the same syntax. For example, all of the following locale identifier values are valid:

en-US, de, fr-CA, de-DE

Language defaults

Language coverage varies by language and by country. In the case where a language from the Accept-Language header or lang parameter is not available for a given record, results will be both queried for and displayed in the “default” language. This will be either the most common language used in that record’s country, or English, if that isn’t available.